Dialling Procedure to join live Lectures, Expert Seminars/ Talks and Workshops in interactive video mode

Inside NKN Network

Any standard hardware Video Conference system (H.323 codec ) from NKN/NICNET network who are registered with NIC's Gatekeeper (GK) with 4 digit number can dial 9119****(For list of connected institute and respective 4 digit number Click here).

Outside NKN Network

Any Video Conference System (H.323 codec) on public IP Address (who are outside NKN/NICNET and not registered with NIC/NKN Gatekeeper) can participate in the live conference by dialing:

(I.) Polycom VC system users can dial****
(II.) Tandberg VC system users can dial ****@
(III.) Other make/model of VC system users can dial (Public IP) you will be asked for the conference ID/Code, Here enter **** followed by #.

Vidyo Desktop

Using Vidyo desktop Software can participate in the live conference by dialling:

(I.) Direct connection to Conference Endpoint: 04****
(II.) Joining through MCU: 03 followed by conference ID ****#

Note: Please replace **** to respective VC 4 digit number (also called as alias number). For IIT Ropar Virtual Classrooms dial 7321).

For Technical Assistance:

Helpdesk Phone: +91 1881 242191 (Extn. 2191)
Mobile No.: +91 9569832594
VC alias No.:7325