Lumens Visualiser

Visualiser/Document Camera

The Lumens PS660 flatbed visualiser is high end visualiser/document camera, with HD outputs,15x optical zoom and auto focus. This device is easy to use and can be used instead of Whiteboard to write by placing paper on document camera and same will be shared with far end Students through VC system and also visible to local students on Projector screen.

Starboard Annotation Panel

Interactive Annotation Panel

It is easy-to-use tablet-type interactive electronic board that lets you operate a PC with a stylus pen, and write text and images to a PC screen in real time as well as simultaneously input those to the PC. Those features work when the included software is set up on a PC connected to the Starboard.

Online Video Tutorials

Starboard Annotation Panel

IPVCR Recorder

The IP Video Conference Recorder allow to record video and slides from standard video conferencing equipment. The content can be streamed live or played back on demand to a PC or any video conferencing endpoint.

Annotation Panel

DVD Recorder

It is another recording device that can be used for recording live local as well as distance lecture session on real time.

Sharp Projector

HD Projector

The HD projector offers exceptionally high performance, flexibility and image quality. With 1280 x 800 WXGA native resolution, It is able to provide full display of XGA, 720p HDTV, as well as 1280 x 800 WXGA from the newest generation PCs. It is also reproduce a flicker-less high-quality picture from high-definition broadcasts and education videos in large-screen projection.

Vidyo Desktop Image

Vidyo Desktop

Vidyo is a web based software application provided by NIC for Video Conferencing which can be used on Laptop and Desktop computers. Vidyo support the windows, Mac OS X and Linux based operating system.

How Vidyo Desktop is different form Skype & Other VC software:

  1. It is designed to use on any network such as Data cards, Broadband so that people out side NKN network can join in the VC sessions of Virtual Classroom connected over NKN.

  2. It can be used for special lectures/ Seminars/ Talks from university around the world.

  3. Faculty/PhD-students/other interviews.

  4. We can share a guest link with the participant to join the VC session and they can join the session by opening the link in the web browsers.

  5. It only require is internet access, web camera and headphone with in-built mic.